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Familiar Faces Now Working at the Mission

The West Salem Mission board has brought on two new part time workers, Mary Weaver and Emma Weaver. You may recognize their faces, or least their last name. These young ladies are the two oldest children of Andy and Naomi Weaver.

Mary, 17 years old, is working two days each week in the office. She is learning the accounting system, processing mail, donor communications, and shipping, in addition to the multitude of items needing attention in the office. Some of her interests are reading, sewing, baking, walking, playing piano, singing, and taking care of lambs on her dad’s farm.

Emma, 16 years old, is working five days each week in the elementary school. She assists in teaching the 4th-7th grammar, agriculture, nature study, industry class, spelling, and singing. Some of her interests are baking, walking, ice skating, and playing piano.

These young ladies were only small girls when their parents accepted the Sabbath and became shunned by the Amish church. Little did the family realize what great things God would do for them. Now, a second generation is taking up the tools to continue the blessed work of God among the very people who shun them. It is largely because of your prayers and giving that God’s work among the Amish is becoming more organized and moving steadily forward. ❧

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