Theme - Conquering Your Giants

David did not falter when faced with innumerable odds. Through the power and strength of the Holy Spirit he was given the courage and power to conquer the seemingly unconquerable giant that threatened God's chosen people. Are you facing giants in your life today? Do you feel chained and enslaved to habits that seem impossible to break? As David overcame, so can we. Through the strength and power of the Holy Spirit, we may be more than conquerors through Him that loved us (Romans 8:37).

Conference Information


June 26-28, 2020


West Salem Mission

14700 Rickel Road,

West Salem, OH 44287

IMPORTANT: If you plan to come for the hike, drive straight to the hiking location:


Crall Woods Natural Area

263 Township Hwy 1601,

Greenwich, OH 44837

Lodging Information:

Option 1: Lodge onsite. Bring your own bedding (air mattresses, sleeping bags, etc). There will be separate quarters for men/boys and women/girls. Please note that shower access on the facility will be limited.

Option 2: Stay with friends or local church members.

Option 3: Lodge at a local hotel or motel (click here for list of nearby accommodations).


Meals will be provided free of charge. A freewill offering will be taken during the event to cover the meals and other expenses for this event. We ask that locals bring their own food if possible.


The West Salem Mission has a unique outreach focus on reaching the Amish community. Modest behavior and dress are values that are carefully guarded in the Amish culture. Keeping this in mind would be greatly appreciated when choosing your attire for the upcoming youth retreat. (1 Corinthians 9:19-23, 1 Peter 3:3-4). Thank you for your prayerful consideration.



Friday, June 26:

1:30pm: Hike at Crall Woods

4:00pm: Registration Open

4:30pm: Choir Practice

5:30pm: Supper

6:45pm: Evening Meeting

7:45pm: Evening Game

8:30pm: Prepare to Retire

Sabbath, June 27:

6:00am: Awake; Devotions

7:00am: Morning Worship

8:00am: Breakfast

9:30am: Morning Discussion (Sabbath School)

11:00am: Divine Service

12:30pm: Lunch

2:30pm: Outreach Orientation

3:00pm: Outreach

5:30pm: Supper

6:45pm: Evening Meeting

7:45pm: Bible Game

8:30pm: Prepare to Retire

Sunday, June 28:

6:00am: Awake; Devotions

7:00am: Morning Worship

8:00am: Breakfast

9:30am: Final Charge

10:40am: Physical Activity

Please note that this schedule may be subject to change.

       West Salem Mission

Call us:

(567) 334-1080

Find us: P.O. Box 626, West Salem, OH 44287