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thy light is come

A new magazine for Sabbath-keepers

We're launching a unique magazine

Our goal is to produce a publication which connects Sabbath-keepers who desire to live in harmony with God's will as revealed in the Bible.

The magazine will strive to be especially practical and intensely spiritual.

A great need for God's people

God's Spirit is stirring up hearts all across the country and around the world to bring their lives into harmony with God's plan for how to live in this present evil world. Influences abound which try to pull us and our families into the world's way of living. God's people often feel isolated from other like-minded believers, even within their own churches.

How wonderful it would be to have a magazine come into the home each month that is pure, instructional, and safe from cover to cover for all the family to read. Often through the ages God's people have been scattered from one another. Sometimes we can feel alone, as though we're the only ones pushing against the current of popular culture. We would be greatly blessed to have a magazine that can connect us with others. It encourages us to know that there are others in the world who share our faith and practice.

Topics include

✓ Homeschool testimonies and tips

✓ Homestead and gardening

✓ Marriage and child-rearing

✓ Missionary stories

✓ Natural remedies

✓ Creative ways to keep Sabbath holy

✓ Advice to youth from older people

✓ Business ideas and instruction

✓ Recipes and cooking

✓ Clothing and sewing

✓ Outdoor living

✓ Family worship ideas

✓ Bible doctrine

✓ Fathers and husbands

✓ Mothers and wives

✓ Children and youth

✓ Poetry

✓ More

Calling all scribes and authors!

Hand Drawing

A Scribe is what the Amish call someone who writes in to a publication to share simple updates of life in their home or community, or tips and helpful information they've learned about a topic. You don't need to be Amish to write in, we're looking for all kinds of scribes and authors!


An Author writes lengthier articles such as short stories, personal testimonies, in-depth instructional information about a topic, or doctrinal teachings.

Maybe you've never thought of yourself as a writer, and that's okay. Scribes simply share updates of what's happening in their family, church, or community. It doesn't need to be complicated, just real. Young people are encouraged to submit updates that will help readers feel part of a community. Older folks, your advice and wisdom is needed, please share with others by submitting your tips.

Authors, has the Lord given you insight into an area of life that could help someone else? Your knowledge is needed for others. What you consider to be a topic that everyone already knows, may be a mystery to someone else. Pray and see if God wants you to contribute. Articles will be edited for space and grammar, so don't worry about making it polished or perfect.

Want to ask a question?

Do you have a question that you'd like to have answered by one of our readers? Submit a question below and we may place it in our next magazine issue to allow our readers to answer it and publish their answer in the magazine.

Select a submission type

Short updates, tips, and advice

Articles of 500+ words

  • Answers to prayer

  • Gardening tips, tools, techniques

  • Homeschool advice, schedules, curriculum, etc.

  • How to reach your community for Christ

  • Marriage tips, books, sermons

  • Natural remedies

  • Recipes & cooking

  • Sabbath-keeping tips

  • Advice to young people

  • Musical suggestions

  • Homestead tips, product recommendations

  • Personal testimonies

  • Family worship advice

  • Cottage industry ideas

  • Personal devotion suggestions

  • Marriage

  • Health & natural remedies

  • Business

  • Garden and homestead

  • Salvation

  • Doctrine

  • Raising children

  • Education

  • Missionary stories

  • How did you start your business?

  • How to be a good father or mother

  • What kinds of entertainment should youth have?

  • Home-based business ideas

  • Godly ways to dress

  • Sewing instruction

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