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God's Work Among the Anabaptists

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Brought Into the Truth

"After that, I spent all my spare time researching and studying the Scriptures and I started learning about the plan of salvation. I learned that having a personal relationship with Jesus is the key. I also learned that the law of God had not been done away with at the cross..."

Great Freedom and Peace

"When I first realized the Bible truth about that, I cannot describe the relief I felt, it was just...a ton of bricks was lifted off of me, the cloud went away."

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Sometimes Truth Is Stranger than Fiction

"At times it felt like something was missing.  We were religious, but everything was so formal.  There were times that I felt really burdened about the spirituality of myself and my family.  We lived by many good moral and even Christian principles.  Yet at times, I wondered whether we were really ready to meet God."

From Despair to Hope

"As John drove his horse and buggy home alone, he never felt so low in his life. The bishop had told John that he could not be forgiven after willfully “sinning,” despite knowing the church rules. Yet, as John combed the pages of the gospels, he found relief, joy and truth..."

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A True Anabaptist

"God protected us. What we went through strengthened our appreciation for each other. It improved our family, made it better. Prayer became real to us. We get in a circle and pray together. We have Bible study together..."

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