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Join Our Campmeeting!

August 15-20, 2023 | West Salem, Ohio

Are you sensing a need for stronger ties with God and His people? Campmeeting is a joyous event commemorating God's blessings and seeking a closer walk with Him and with one another. It's a time to remember how He has brought us out of the world, from the darkness of error, into the precious light of His grace and truth.

Campmeeting is a place for renewal, reflection, and rekindling.

Attendee Registration

Exhibitor Registration

Registration for 2023 campmeeting has closed. If you wish to attend, please contact the Mission and we will try to make accommodations for you.


Phone: (567) 334-1080

Event Information


Listen to inspiring and educational presentations. Learn more about the presenters at this year's campmeeting. Read more


Volunteers and exhibitors are an essential part of campmeeting. Find out how to register as a volunteer or exhibitor at this year's event. Read more


Find out how you can register for free vegan meals. Download a copy of this year's campmeeting schedule. Read more


Exhibits are an important part campmeeting. Find out how to register as an exhibitor at this year's event. Read more


Presentations from past events are still powerful today! Refresh yourself with uplifting messages. 

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