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A magazine for Sabbath-keepers

Being a scribe is simple and rewarding!

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A Scribe is sometimes known as a person who writes in to a publication to share simple updates of life in their home or community, or tips and helpful information they've learned about a topic. You don't need to be Amish to write in, we're looking for all kinds of scribes and authors!

Maybe you've never thought of yourself as a writer, and that's okay. Scribes simply share updates of what's happening in their family, church, or community. It doesn't need to be complicated, just real. Young people are encouraged to submit updates that will help readers feel part of a community. Older folks, your advice and wisdom is needed, please share with others by submitting your tips.

Sample Scribe Submissions

Scribe submissions are simple and interesting. Scribes make the magazine interesting to readers. They provide a sense of community because readers get small glimpses into the lives of others who share their values and interests.

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Choose a topic—become a scribe!

Write something for your fellow readers across America and it may be included in an upcoming issue of Arise Magazine. Your submission may be edited for grammar and space. Choose a topic below and get started!

There is no limit to how many times you contribute—the more the better!

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