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Streams of Light

500 Copies delivered to Amish homes last month!

An Amish-style, Bible-centered, Adventist periodical was mailed to over 500 homes last month! Streams of Light is a brand new paper produced by West Salem Mission to fulfill the urgent need of bringing the truth right into the homes of the Plain People. Since the mailing last month, we have received dozens of new addresses to add to our next mailing.

This is a powerful evangelistic tool filled with simple but powerful articles. Streams of Light features content relevant to the needs of the Amish, along with tips for health, family, and education. It focuses on the special end-time messages of the Three Angels of Revelation 14. God’s Spirit is moving on hearts all across the country, especially regarding the Sabbath truth. This is an incredible opportunity to get God’s message to the Amish.

If you have Amish or Mennonite neighbors and would like us to place them on our mailing list, please write or email us their names and addresses and we will begin sending them this wonderful new periodical for free!



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