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Anabaptist Remnant Cover by Andy Weaver From West Salem Mission

Raised in the Amish church, Andy loved the Amish way of life with its simplicity, hard work, and community. Then, one day a new man moved into town and started talking to Andy about Bible topics he had never before heard. Could this man be right? Could there be truth outside of the Amish faith? Risking everything he had ever known and loved, Andy started on a journey that would bring him through fierce conflicts, piercing sorrow, and finally to triumphant joy.


Glean little-known insights as you draw close to the heart of an Amish community. Witness the internal struggles of a man torn between tradition and truth. Be encouraged to continue your own search for truth and victory as you see the Holy Spirit leading step by step into the light of perfect day.


+ Read as a family together, or as an individual

+ Perfect for sharing with your Amish and Mennonite neighbors as a witnessing tool

+ Features "100 Bible Facts On the Sabbath Question" and "40 Bible Facts Concerning the First Day"

+ 142 pp. softcover

+ Contact us for special bulk pricing

+ ISBN 978-1-948254-07-6

Anabaptist Remnant by Andy Weaver

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