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Grades 4-5 Science "The Book of Nature, Season to Season"

Designed to help the student hear God's voice in nature, this book aids the student in direct observation of nature in a way that is biblical and truly scientific. One of the outstanding and exciting features of this book is that it is organized by seasons! A study of the entire creation sequence throughout each of the seasons as they come in the school year is the essential feature of this book. Every lesson, whether it be an observational study or a textbook presentation, is concluded with field-study requirements, which will send the child away from the book and the schoolroom into nature itself.


Designed for 4th- and 5th-graders, this book was written in the early 1900s by our Adventist education system. There are enough activities for each lesson to last for two days, so this book could be used for two years. Each lesson starts with information about something in nature, then gives suggestions for exploring nature and keeping a notebook journal. It has been updated to color pictures and modern font.


282 pages; metal double spiral bound, clear pastic cover.

Grades 4-5 Science "The Book of Nature, Season to Season"

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