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"Print Your Own" Arise Phone Ministry Brochure

One call could change a life forever!


The professionally printed version of this is highly recommended because the high quality cardstock makes the product more attractive when handing out. Where cost is a primary concern, this PDF version has been provided free to distribute.


Print and share with your Amish neighbors. Simply add to your cart, proceed to checkout, and your digital download will be made available. There is no charge for this download, it is absolutely free. We encourage you to distribute freely to all your Amish and Mennonite neighbors. We just ask that the product not be sold. (We are unable to provide techincal support for printing your own brochure.)


Arise Phone Conference Guide lists over 170 Bible-based presentations that can be accessed for free with a simple phone call. This attractive trifold audio sermon guideThis attractive trifold brochure is printed on sturdy cardstock and contains more than a dozen topics of special interest to your Amish and Mennonite neighbors. The phone number requires no data and can be accessed with a flip phone or landline phone.


Simply call the phone number listed inside and enter the extension number for the presentation you wish to listen to. It's that easy! Call anytime, any day, and as often as you wish. An entire library of sermons with one phone call!


+ Over 170 presentations

+ Perfect for churches or individuals to distribute

+ Powerful Adventist speakers - Doug Batchelor, Joe Crews, Stephen Bohr, and others

+ Access with a traditional phone call using a flip phone, landline phone, or smartphone - no data required!

+ Free, no charge or access code required

+ Topics include: health, state of the dead, help in temptation, mark of the beast, Bible baptism, what is death, hope in trials, Sabbath, hell, antichrist, prayer, and more!

+Printed on quality card stock

+Contact Us space on the back is sized to allow placement of a custom label for ministry purposes

+Folded size: 8 1/2" x 3 3/4"; unfolded size: 8 1/2 in. x 11 in.

"Print Your Own" Arise Phone Ministry Brochure

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