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Grades 7-8  Bible "God's Great Plan" Set

God's Great Plan

This book is outstanding at grounding the student in the important Bible teachings of the Adventist faith! The text was written in 1923 by Sarah Peck, an editor for and companion to E.G. White.


The student will learn where sin originated, God's heavenly plan of salvation,  the end-time prophecies of Daniel, and more. It also teaches children how to make outlines from their Bible study and even gives instruction on how to “preach” what they have learned. In addition, the book teaches the student how to thematically mark their Bible and how to give a Bible study. These skills are taught from a correlated approach, using their daily studies in this book.


Originally there was only one large book, but the reviser decided it was too much information for a student to grasp in one year and so has split the material into two books. God’s Great Plan B will be available in fall of 2023.


God's Great Plan Workbook

An excellent workbook with charts, diagrams, and pictures to accompany God’s Great Plan A.


Set includes:

  • God's Great Plan Book A. 335 pages, metal double spiral bound, clear plastic cover.
  • God Great Plan Workbook. Double metal spiral bound, clear plastic cover.

Grades 7-8 Bible "God's Great Plan" Set

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