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Grades 1-3 Bible Set

Written by E.A. Sutherland in 1904,  this Bible course takes the student from Creation to Joseph. Written in a simple and wholesome style, parents can know that their child is learning truth from the Bible without worldly content or references. 


The book includes lots of activities for the teacher to do with the student while learning the stories.  The first day, the teacher tells the story, the next day, the student tells the story. After the stories are told, there are suggested activities.  It is best if you have a felt set or Bible pictures to accompany the stories.


The workbook includes filling in maps, coloring tasteful drawings, Scripture memory, and more. It comes bundled as a set with Sutherland Bible Reader, Book 2.


A valuable part of your curriculum for those who wish to present clear streams from which their child can drink. A character-focused resource that encourages interaction with Scripture and helps train the student to think for himself.



  • Sutherland Bible Reader, Book 2. 217 pages, double wire spiral bound, clear plastic cover.
  • When the World Was Young Workbook. Double wire spiral bound, clear plastic cover.

Grades 1-3 Bible Set

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