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Grade 5 Reader

"Do you wish to judge of the merits of a system of education? Gather together the readers which it places in the hands of the children."


Wholesome, noble, and character-building are the words to describe this 5th-grade reader. More than just stories, it includes spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation drills, diagraphical marking, silent reading, oral reading, and memory reading. All of these subjects are correlated in this one book.


Written by Sarah Peck in 1905 for Seventh-day Adventist schools, these readers were the official church school books for 50 years. If you want Adventist-flavored reading material with Adventist mission stories, these books are perfect. We have updated the pictures to color pictures and have reset the text so that it is clearer than a facsimile copy.


393 pages, metal double spiral bound, clear plastic cover.

Grade 5 Reader

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