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Projects at West Salem Mission

Building to Serve

Miracles are happening at West Salem Mission! God has provided a worship and ministry center for the purpose of spreading His amazing truths among the Amish. Because of God's blessing and your generous support, the Amish have their own place of worship and fellowship. In addition, a schoolhouse is being constructed where the unique Amish culture is combined with God's principles of true education. Thank you for your prayers and financial support of this growing ministry to the Plain People!

Carpentry Work

A Schoolhouse


The West Salem Mission has almost 50 young people under the age of 18. The leadership at the West Salem Mission is passionate about practical, quality Christian education that will provide our young people with the tools to be successful. We want them to be a blessing in this life, as well as a have a preparation for the life in the hereafter. We sense that many of our supporters share with us this vision. Thank you!

September 2022: we are excited to announce that the schoolhouse has been completed! What a blessing this precious school is, thank you so much to those who gave to make this a reailty!

WSM West Salem Anabaptist Mission School_edited.jpg

Our schoolhouse 

For those of you that have visited the West Salem Mission, you probably noticed a few rough looking buildings! We have replaced the old garage, and another critter-infested storage building with this 32 x 40 pole building. The project has been completed and just in time. The school children are meeting in the new barn until their schoolhouse is finished. Thank you for your support!


The barn at West Salem Mission


Post-frame Building

Multipurpose Building


The West Salem Mission has been richly blessed since its inception in 2015. One of the major goals reached was the completion of the new multipurpose building in the fall of 2019. Following the expanded space for meetings, including church services, was an unexpected rate of growth.

If you have invested in this project, rest assured that you have stored treasures in heaven! Thank you!


The multipurpose building at

West Salem Mission

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